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About Maureen

Over 25 years of wisdom and experience

"I believe that the most valuable experience comes from our own lives. By reconnecting to our individual, firsthand knowledge we can create lives full of authenticity, with success defined on our own terms."

Formal Education: Master's degree in Human Development from St. Mary's University

Co-Author: Grown-Up Leadership: The Benefits of Personal Growth for You and Your Team, published in October 2005 by Nova Vista Publishing.

Finding "true north" is an individual, lifelong process

"In order to chart a course for the future we must slow down and survey the foundation we have already built."

Maureen's role is to serve as a catalyst for positive change. Complete confidentiality is the bedrock that ensures safe passage throughout this process.

Prioritizing compassion and quality of life

"I am a big proponent of the concept of Door Number Three. By stepping out of fear and the idea that we can get it wrong, more becomes possible. There has to be a third option, one that includes compassion for self and others, for there to be any option at all."

An important and often long-lost part of the growth process is experimentation and making room for imperfection. Maureen helps her clients cultivate space and mindful self-care practices that allow for the full potential of a new idea or direction to unfold.

The importance of presence

"We have to start where we are. Here and now."

The momentum of our busy lives often means we are stuck in the "on" position. Maureen is known for her ability to draw clients back to the present moment, where real and lasting progress can begin.

Improving relationships, inside and out

"Leadership coaching is a curriculum in and of itself. The quality of relationships within a team and between the team and its leader determines the quality of work that is achieved."

Maureen has a comprehensive understanding of working with individuals and leaders at every level of an organization. And every client is given the same level of care and attention.

Service Areas

Leadership Coaching

Focus on a relationship-based approach to enhance successful team direction.

Career Discovery

Gain more discernment about an existing job, or prepare for a change.

Life Transitions

Receive support and guidance as you clarify next-steps in life.

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